Who Were The Ninja People Part 1?

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Who Were The Ninja?

Who Were The Ninja People Part 1?Because we love our Ninja Costumes here on our site (check out the adults and childrens available) we want to do a sequence on the history of the Ninja in a 3 part article we know our visitors will enjoy and appreciate. So here we go..

The Ninja or Shinobi were a Japanese people and are very mysterious indeed and only a small amount of legit information is known about these people. Ninjas get a bad rap and were not bad assassins that only killed for fun.

They lived by a strict set of rules about honor and combat and engaged in guerrilla warfare and espionage when necessary, but for the most part they were ordinary people who developed certain skills in order to survive the difficult times in feudal Japan’s history.

The word Ninjitsu (Art Of Stealth) describes the variety of methods techniques and practices related to the word Ninja. These practices are a way of life and take many years of practice. The word Ninjitsu did not develop until centuries in to the Ninjas lifestyle.

Who Were The Ninja People Part 1?Ninja families were great observers of nature and felt a close connection to the earth living according to the law of nature, similar to the Native Americans or Irish Celts. Been a very spiritual people their beliefs became an integral part of Ninjitsu.

The Ninja people were constantly harassed by the ruling society of Japan so they learned to act more efficiently in self-defense. With military knowledge passed down through the years and their superior knowledge of the workings of nature, combined these as weapons against the vastly superior government armies and if necessary, used devious political manipulations for peace.

The stereotype of the Ninja we see today in popular culture, the killer evil Ninja, comes from myth or stories. But there is some truth to of the renegade Ninja people who rented themselves out as mercenaries, misusing the training they received and became involved in espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination. But in reality, these were a minority.

There is so much more to these people than the way we view them today and the history is well worth looking in to. Check out all the Ninja Warrior costumes available on our site here.




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