Who Was Cleopatra and What Fancy Dress Costumes Are Available To Buy Online?

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Cleopatra, Queen Of The Most Stunning Costumes

Who Was Cleopatra and What Fancy Dress Costumes Are Available To Buy Online?Cleopatra was immortalized by the portrayal by Elisabeth Taylor in the 1963 movie entitled “Cleopatra” and starred along side Rex Harrison and Richard Burton. But of course, it doesn’t take a movie to make this woman one of the most Iconic people ever to walk the Earth.

Though Cleopatra is a real mystery as not much is actually known about the woman, only through the accounts of the Greeks and Romans do we get a picture of a striking intelligent woman who is a symbol of independence, strength and power, with great beauty and style, an Iconic symbol the world over.

In short, her history involves her lover Mark Anthony. Their historical story of love and treachery, adultery and wars, adds a story to your chosen costumes, and their undying love and death together adds a mystic element to your night.

Mark Antony was a Roman Politician and general around 50 BC and was the military commander and administrator for his friend, Julius Cesar. Her love story with Mark Antony is an excellent historical story, daring and tragic, and reading Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra play is a must for all literature lovers.

Who Was Cleopatra and What Fancy Dress Costumes Are Available To Buy Online?In the end, during a battle at sea between Mark Anthony and Octavian, Cleopatra had pledged her ships to Mark, but during the battle she flees and Mark Decides to flee also and follower her, leaving his men to a disastrous destruction.

He is ashamed of what has happened, leaves Cleopatra in anger. To get back his love, she sends word to him that she is dead thinking he would rush back and finds her, but it back fires and he tries to kill himself but badly wounds himself with a sword, hears she is not dead, makes it back to her and dies in her arms.

Soon after, Cleopatra takes an Asp snake and lets it sink it’s teeth in and kills herself. Dramatic stuff but a magnificent story. And of course there is much more to the history than that, but it is very fascinating.

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