Who is The Flash and When is the New Movie Been Released?

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Who Is The Flash?

Who is The Flash and When is the New Movie Been Released?The Flash is a famous comic book and TV character and is also due a make over in a coming new movie due out in 2013/2014. This is brilliant news for Flash Fans and really the cinema as The Flash is as cool as you can get with that amazing superhero look, the all red suit with The Flash symbol, the pointy ear and the famous Flash boots and with this look will most certainly be a very popular Halloween and fancy dress costume for both Adults and Kids.

Some Flash History

Flash comes from the DC Comics Universe and was first seen around 1940 in The Flash Comics. He was created by Gardner Fox and the drawings were done by the Artist Harry Lampert. There have been four different characters to get the powers of The Flash and take his Identity through the years.

The Golden Age – Jay Garrick

This is where the Flash comic first Appeared in 1940 during The Golden age of comics where the college student Jay Garrick would become the Flash attaining his powers through the inhalation of water vapors and was a very popular comic character through the 40’s.

The Silver Age -Barry Allen

Due to a lack in popularity in the early 50’s in super hero comics The Flash was brought back but as a different character to spruce things up and this was to be Barry Allen and during the so called Silver Age of comic books. Allen was a police scientist who achieved his super speed power when a shelf of chemicals was hit by some lightening covering him in the chemicals.

The Silver age revived a lot of other super heroes creating a comic called The Justice League of America and featured such friend collaborations like The Green Lantern, Batman, SuperMan, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter and I am just wondering about all these great characters will there ever be a movie involving all?

Modern Age – Wally West and Bart Allen

Two more people would eventually take on the Flash role and these would be Wally West, Barry Allens nephew who got his Flash Powers the same way as his uncles, and giving his own comic series in 1987.

In 2006, Bart Allen took on the Flash role and the comics are still going strong today.

What can the Flash Do?

The Flash has plenty of powers. Of course we all know he can move fast, think fast through super human speeds, travel through time, vibrate at speed that lets him walk through walls, and can also speak to other super heroes at a high speed rate.

The Flash has been around a whooping 60 years which is quite amazing for a comic book character. In 1990 a TV series staring John Wesley Shipp was created from the comics focusing on the Bart Allen Flash. The show was entertaining but struggled for ratings and after 22 episodes was canceled.

The official date for the release of the Flash movie has yet to be announced though 1014 is looking more likely. It will be directed by Greg Berlanti and made by Warner Brothers. be sure to check out the amazing Flash costumes available for Adults and kids




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