Tim Burton Halloween and Fancy Dress Movie Costume Ideas

Tim Burton Halloween and Fancy Dress Movie Costume IdeasOut of all my costume sites and all the costumes here at our site, the choice of costumes available for the great Tim Burton and all his movies is fantastic as you will see by visiting our Tim Burton Costume Page and you can see you will be spoiled for choice for the Halloween or any fancy dress party this year.

What Costumes Are Available?

Here I will give a brief overview of what is available on our site and to buy online for both men and women and with some for children too. These are probably some of the best costumes you will see and some of the most fun to wear at Halloween.

NO1 Edward Scissorshands

Who remembers this classic Burton movie and who has not seen it? Edward Scissorhands is a wonderful amazing movie and one of my favorite.

You Can get different types of costumes for Edward which come with gloves with knives and leather clothing.

Check out the Edward Scissorhands for men and there is also an amazing Miss Scissorhands costume for ladies which is well worth checking out.

NO2 Beetlejuice

Tim Burton Halloween and Fancy Dress Movie Costume IdeasWhat a great movie, one of the classics of the 80’s. Beetlejuice is such a crazy fun movie and starred Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most.

We have a few different styles and designs for this crazy character and they are nut looking costumes.

See Beetlejuice Costumes.

 NO3 Sleepy Hollow

In this creepy scary movie we have the Headless Horseman, a very scary man on a horse going around cutting of peoples heads.

Sleepy Hollow was a great movie again with Johnny Depp and the fantastic Christopher Walken. For this character we have an excellent child’s costume that must be seen.

See Headless Horsemans Costume.

 NO4 Sweeney Todd

Who loves musicals? And who loves musicals where the characters murder people, cut them up, make pies out of them and serve them to the public?

Well, that is basically the story of the crazy Sweeney Todd movie and what a fantastic crazy movie it is.

For this movie we have a brilliant Sweeney Todd costume for men and also a fantastic Mrs Lovett costume for ladies. Pairing up make a great couples costume idea.

NO5 Corpse Bride

Ok, this is my Favorite Tim Burton movie with one of my favorite and loveable characters, and that is the wonderful Emily.

This is one of Burton’s best and again uses the voices of Depp and Carter and here on our site we have wonderful Corpse Bride costumes for ladies as well as for children which must be seen.

 NO6 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Again, Burton makes an excellent animated musical here with the brilliant The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This excellent movie has many crazy characters and two which feature on our site here and have great costumes for is Jack Skellington and the beautiful rag doll Sally, well worth checking out.

For Sally, there are many different designs and styles available and they are gorgeous (view here)

NO7 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

In 2005, Burton made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a remake of the brilliant 1971 movie and again it starred Depp.

Though, it is not one of my favorite movies, the costume available are excellent and for people looking to have the most fun out of their Halloween costumes.

Here we have a costume for Willy Wonka, a fun wacky costume and also we have a very funny Oompa Loompa costume which is just crazy looking and these can be perfect for couples costume ideas.

NO8 Alice In Wonderland

In 2010, Burton created his own world of the brilliant Lewis Carroll story Alice In Wonderland. Though not a bad movie, it has giving us a huge choice of amazing character costumes to choose from (Just flick through our site to see).

On our site here, for men, women and children we have of course many different Alice Costumes for kids and ladies, Mad Hatter Costumes, Queen Of Hearts, March Hare, White Rabbit, White Queen, Tweedledee and Tweedledum (one of my personal favorites), Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat just go take a look such a huge amazing choice here.

There you go, hope you can find some great inspiration here. Most of these costumes are perfect for couples, so much choice. Have a great Halloween and Go here and visit Tim Burton Costume Page to get more great costumes and be a crazy Burton character this year. Enjoy!






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