History of Roman Weapons and How To Find Them For Fancy Dress Costumes

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History of Roman Weapons and How To Find Them For Fancy Dress CostumesHere at Halloween All Year Around we love our Roman costumes and are always seeking out the best from our costume companies and you can check out the costumes available by continuing on here.

Today we are going to talk about Roman weaponry out of interest and for people that seek Roman weapons for their costumes which there are some amazing shields and swords available.

Roman Centurion Weaponry

The Roman empire conquered a large portion of the known civilized world by using their far superior weapons and clever war tactics. Menacing and brutal as they were, each member of the legion, commanded by their Centurion leader, would each have a collection of weapons. Here is a list worth checking out.

Basic Equipment

Who is the Queen of Hearts and What Fancy Dress Costumes are Available?Cassis or Galea was a bronze helmet that sometimes had a face mask for decoration.

The Gladius was the Romans very effective Sword. It was a smaller sword than the usual one, made specifically for speed and power and so a solider would not use up too much energy with a large one.

Lorica Segmentata is the name of the Armour used, a complex piece of equipment that consisted of many plates on top of each other. The light infantry wore little or no Armour to allow swifter movement.

The Scutum is the shield and protection that measures two and a half feet in width and four feet in length and curved to give some protection from the flank.

The Pilum was a heavy javelin and played a vital role in battle. It was around 2 meters long and had a metal point attached to a wooden rod. Standard tactics required the Roman to throw his Pilum first then drawing his Gladius and charging.

Caligae or The Roman Sandals were a heavy soled military boot

The Pugio was the Romans dagger which was kept on his side and probably used in battle if all other equipment has been lost.

These are the main weapons carried by Roman Soldiers so if you are planning to dress as a Roman for Halloween I hope you can find similar prop-weapons to go along with your costume. Check out our site for Roman costumes for both men and women. Enjoy.




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