Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Ideas and Videos

Get Carving Your Pumpkin!

It’s quite amazing the amount of pumpkin carving that goes on world wide during Halloween and come the next two months (Sep-Oct) we have noticed in our research a huge search online for videos, books, articles, designs, patterns and even recipes all to do with Pumpkins, and we have decided and are delighted to add to our site some posts on pumpkins.

This Halloween we here on our site are going to go crazy bringing the best patterns, recipes and videos which are hard to find or maybe just not exposed enough. We love everything Halloween as you may guess from this site and the majority of our regular visitors feel the same.

We will bring some of the best videos available researched for you, aswell as recipes, carving pattern books and e-books that will help you make amazing Pumpkin creations. for the home either by yourself or with the family.

Pumpkin carving is just, way too much fun and kids love it. We like to do around 3 for our home and use the seeds and eat them (they are delicious toasted as discussed in this post).

There are thousands upon thousands of designs for you to choose from and we will trawl to these to find our favourites and bring them to our regular visitors and newbies too.

We will also bring some amazing books and especially e-books since a lot of people are now using there phones to search online for near everything. The picture on our right is taking from an e-book called Easy Pumpkin Painting which teaches in great detail how to paint faces on to pumpkins and seems to be a very popular e-book selling very well as we speak, do click on and check it out.

If you have any ideas for pumpkins please do share below and do check back as we intend to bring lots of amazing pumpkin ideas for the Halloween.

Have fun and also take good care when using any sharp tools or utensils.


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