Famous Mascots and their Costumes from Around the World Part 1

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Famous Mascots from Around the World Part 1

Famous Mascots and their Costumes from Around the World Part 1Mascots are inspiring. They are also big business with most top companies and sports teams bracing a mascot as a brand. Every where you look you will see a animal, object, person, used to be the front, the mascot and advertising point of a company, just think McDonald’s.

Nearly every sports team in the US (and around the world), every college every school have a mascot and this is also a reason why this site has many mascot costumes that are searched for by the public. When it comes to famous commercial mascots there are literally hundreds of thousands. Examples are Ronald McDonald, probably the most famous and well known world wide mascot and to me a very scary clown.

Others are Spuds Mackenzie, the dog from the Bud Light Ads, Joe Camel from the Camel Cigarettes ads, the annoying mouse that is Chuck E. Cheese, one I remember vividly as a child, Tony the Tiger from the sugar spurge cereal Kellogg’s Frosties , and there is one that I have always been weary about, one that scares me, Wendy’s, why? I do not know haha.

There are thousands and thousands of commercial mascots and as you think about it everywhere you look, someone is using a mascot. It is a great way to help or make people remember your product.

World wide but especially in the USA, mascots have been used by sports teams, down to college sports to children’s sports days, mascots are everywhere. Each team has a mascot,there to inspire, get the crowd going, add some entertainment and fans and teams really do take to and are proud of their mascot.

Some famous sports mascots are Benny the Bull From the Chicago Bulls, a costume I love is Hugo the Hornet from the New Orleans Hornets, a cool Blue Hornet costume, TD from the Miami Dolphins, for soccer we have Fred The Red from Manchester United and in Ruby Super League we have Ronnie the Rhino from Leeds Rhinos.

Other famous mascots have nothing to do with sports etc. but are there as an educational Mascot. Take for instance McGruff the Crime Dog, a cartoon Bloodhound and the face of the National Crime Prevention Council or Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl for the United States Forest Service, very recognizable mascots.

Be sure to check out our Mascot costumes that range in all shapes, sizes and prices. These are just a taste of amazing famous mascots and I have continued on this topic in part two of Famous Mascots here. Enjoy



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