Famous Bear Halloween Costumes For Children

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Famous Bear Halloween Costumes For ChildrenWith the excitement of Halloween creeping up very fast (yes I can’t wait either) It is by far for most of us our favorite part of the year, a time to get in a party mood for some great nights entertainment, put on some costumes for fun and games, but especially see our children glowing with enthusiasm in their latest and favorite Halloween costumes.

We all know that the choice and range of costumes is extremely huge and sometimes intimidating in our search, and with so much choice can lead to as I call, costume block, causing impulse buying and leading you to buy the wrong type of costume, but with so much to choose from, where could you start.

Most kids, from toddler up to school age always have a famous bear in their lives, something of a Halloween costume idea that gets overlooked . There are a lot of Famous Bears, and reflecting on which ever Bear makes your child’s day, may lead you to find the holy grail of Halloween costumes for you kid.

If we look around, in the child’s world there is always a Famous bear about, From Big Blue Bear to Yogi Bear, there is a vast list of potential adorable costumes for all children in sizes and ages. Lets take a quick look at some of the most popular and highest quality of costumes that may hopefully give you fantastic ideas for choosing a Costume for your kid.

Fozzie Bear

Famous Bear Halloween Costumes For ChildrenThe Muppet Show has brought us some amazing characters and, Fozzie Bears “Waka Waka” catchphrase after telling bad jokes will forever echo lively in my mind, and the Fozzie Bear costume available for toddler and infants are stunning.

Winnie The Pooh

A very famous loveable Bear, very distinctive and also set for a return in a movie in 2011, comes in an gorgeous all in one soft plush yellow and red jump-suit.

Goldilocks’s Three Bears

An excellent bed time story with great characters and because of it there are some amazing costumes that must be seen .

Teddy Bear

Everybody in their lives has had a Teddy Bear and these costumes come in all shapes and sizes. From the traditional Bear to Koalas, Pandas, Honey Bears, Huggy Bear and Oatmeal Bear, the choice is huge and the quality of each look is a must for any bunting, infant or child.

Yogi Bear

Yogi is my favorite and this year in November, is returning in a new movie, so once again will be very popular. The Yogi Bear child costume is just outstanding, too adorable and sure to be one of the biggest hits this Halloween.

We could easily keep going with the amount of famous Bear Halloween costumes as I’m sure I have missed tons, but even with this selection, finding a unique Halloween costume to delight your child can be made a little easier with their favorite famous Bear to help.


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