Classic Cleopatra Elite Collection Ladies Costume

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Classic Cleopatra Elite Collection Ladies CostumeJust how stunning is this Cleopatra Adult Costume, it is I have to say probably the best Cleopatra costume on our site and also one of the best that I have seen online and easy to purchase and have delivered right to your door.

There are tons of quality designs and they make an excellent Halloween choice of costume.

Cleopatra is a popular historical figure though not much is actually known about her. With her love affair with Mark Anthony, this gives you also an opportunity for a couples costume for a fancy dress fun party.

This costume here is just amazing, full of life and beauty and would give any woman that Elizabeth Taylor look.

Cleopatra will always be a popular Halloween costume idea it is just down to finding the right quality and design.

This fully finished full length White satin gown has an attached waist sash, gold apron drop, back zipper, separate stretch collar of tri-color sequins, long cape that attaches with sequin arm bands, and a beautiful Gold color beaded headpiece. Available in Adult Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), X-Large.

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Search our site, we have amazing costumes like this for children as well as other styles and designs of Cleopatra costumes that are out of this world, and if you have a couples party coming up, team up with any costume to do with Roman or Egyptian style to get the best effect and fun out of your night.



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