Woody Infant Halloween Costume From Toy StoryHow cute is this Woody Infant Costume, seriously it is just way to cute and a perfect Halloween costume for any parents wanting the best and one of the cutest costumes for their child.

On our site, you will find many Toy Story character costumes for infants but this one is one of my favorite.

Woody is probably the most popular character from the hit movies Toy Story and there are many cool costumes available for all children and even adults with his character.

These infant costumes work well for both boys and girls and are one of the most popular purchases online at Halloween.

This Costume features a character bodysuit, cowboy hat and booties. Available in Infant sizes: 0-6 Months, 12-18. Months.

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How adorable is this Woody costumes for children, absolutely gorgeous. Just like the Woody costume available for the older child on our site, these costumes sell very well all year round and that is due to the astounding popularity of the Toy Story movies.

Through my research in the reviews I came across people saying the size was a little small and giving advice to buy the costume a little bigger. So be sure to check all sizes and what costumes are available since these costumes always seem to sell out.