Who Where the Roman Centurions and What Halloween Costumes Are Available For Them?

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Who Where the Roman Centurions and What Halloween Costumes Are Available For Them?The Centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army who commanded a group or around 80 men, and were grouped into cohorts and then in to legions.

Only the very best centurions would climb the ranks and be promoted to the first cohort called the Primi Ordines which consisted of commanding one of the 10 centuries.

The most senior centurion of the legion was called the Primus pilus and commanded the first century.

Centurions always fought along side their legions and most of the time suffered heavy causalities. They would generally lead in-front and bravely inspire their men.

To be a Centurion you had to be literate, have served a few years already in the army, be at least 30 years old and have connections with letters of recommendations.

They were also chosen for their size, strength and skill with the sword and shield. Must be able to keep discipline amongst his men, be vigilant and temperate and ready to execute any orders received.

The centurions weaponry would always consist of a shield, a sword, a javelin, a dagger and the famous Roman helmet, and in battle would throw the javelin first then draw the sword and use the shield. Great stuff.

Centurion Movie and Costumes

In 2010 the movie “Centurion” was released, directed by Neill Marshall and starring Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko. It is set in Scotland and follows a splinter group of roman soldiers who get stuck behind enemy lines and have to fight for their lives why trying to rescue their captured General from the notorious Picts. Worth the look.

Because of movies like this and Gladiator etc. Plenty of amazing Roman Soldier Costumes aswell as regular roman costumes have been created and we love them here on our site. Be sure to click on through on the links below and check out the costumes available for kids and adults.

Roman Costumes For Kids

Roman Costumes For Adults



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