Who Were The Ninja People Part 3? Ninjas in Popular Culture

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Ninjas In Popular Culture

Who Were The Ninja People Part 3? Ninjas in Popular CultureContinuing on from our popular short Ninja articles, as we have seen from the History of the Ninja to the Tactics and Disguises of the Ninja we have a different perception of what a Ninja is and looks like, and it is all down to modern popular culture.

The Ninja is very popular, especially with young children, and this is mainly due to movies, cartoons, novels or comics such as GI Joe or Marvel Universe, and also the most popular of all time, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Other popularity is the ever grown Manga and Anime series which are full of Ninjas and the list is endless in this field.

In Television we have the GI Joe cartoons from the 80’s, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat and Rambo and the Forces Of Freedom.

In Japanese movies there are literally thousands and some are excellent. On the western front we have the Childrens movie “3 Ninjas” which is worth the look and popular amongst small children..

Also look out for Beverly Hills Ninja, Enter The Ninja, GI Joe, Rise Of The Cobra, Ninja Assassin and The Hunted.

The Ninja will always intrigue and be of interest to children and also adults. The costumes we see today, though not the correct depiction of a Ninja, is an excellent Halloween or fancy dress costume or disguise.

Even as a young boy, there is nothing more exciting as dressing up this way, with your plastic sword and sneaking about in a fantasy world. This costume look will never grow old, thankfully. Be sure to check out our Ninja costumes here on our site.




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