Who Is The Real Green Lantern Super Hero?

Who Is The Green Lantern?

Who Is The Real Green Lantern Super Hero?If you watched the movie and before, had never heard of this famous superhero, do not be turned of by a movie that sucked and could have and should have been a much better movie considering all we know about our hero, and let us go back to the real Green Lantern and who exactly he is.

The Green Lantern, like his allies The Flash, is again the mix of different characters who have taking on the role as this Super Hero, appearing in many great comics and published by DC Comics. He first came on the scene in 1940 and the first character was Alan Scott and was created by Martin Nodell.

Each character has a Green Lantern and Green ring that gives them their powers with the ring been one of the most powerful weapons in the Universe and were created by the Guardians of the Universe who choose a worthy person to behold the ring which in turn set up a police squad of heroes known as The Green Lantern Corps. Again, many different characters have been the Green Lantern and we will show these here.

The Golden Age – Alan Scott

Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern in 1940, a railroad engineer who found the magic Lantern that told him about the power and helped him create a powerful ring that needed the lantern to charge it’s powers every 24hours. This comic like The Flash comic became very popular in the 40’s.

The Silver age – Hal Jordan

Again like the Flash, the popularity of comics in the early 50’s dwindled but they came back as new fresh characters and for the Green Lantern this was Hal Jordan in 1959. He was a test pilot who came across a dying alien, Abin Sur, from The Green Lantern Corps who chose to give Hal his ring of power. The popularity of this comic soared in to the 70’s.

Modern Age – Kyle Rayner

A popular Lantern character with readers, Kyle Rayner was a free lance artist who was approached by Ganthet, a Guardian of the Universe member and given the last ring of power. He was the main character up until 2010.

What Can The Green Lantern Do?

This all depends on the ring bearers will power, the greater it is the greater the power. What ever way you can use your imagination, you can use the ring. With this ring you can fly, create force fields, become invisible, time travel, Universal language translator,x-ray powers, communicate with other ring bearers, telepathy, hypnosis the list goes on and on,the ring truly has a lot of powers.

So as Ryan Reynolds now plays Hal Jordan in the 2011 Green Lantern movie this character will become popular again and been a member of the Justice League of America I get the sneaky feeling there will be a movie at some stage featuring all the characters from this movement including The Flash.




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