Who Are The Justice League in the Comics and Will There Be A Movie?

Who Are The Justice League?

Who Are The Justice League in the Comics and Will There Be A Movie?The Justice League of America is a collaboration of a lot of great super heroes who have teamed up together to bring justice to the world.

Made again by DC Comics in 1960, it brought together The Flash, The Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Captain Marvel, Plastic Man and Red Tornado and as a comic has remained popular with fans.

There has been a good animated series called The Justice League from 2001-2004 and the Justice League Unlimited 2004-2006 featuring a huge range of characters which is well worth checking out.

I’m sure there will be a movie made at some point with all these characters can you imagine how cool that will be.

The Justice League Comics have remained very popular and in 2010 the JLA/The 99 comic was created bringing back most of the well knowing Superheros and sprucing up there costumes.

With the release of the Green Lantern Movie 2011, The Dark Knight Rises, The new Superman Movie, a Wonder Woman Movie, a Flash Movie you can easily see how a The justice League Of America Movie that is planned is going to be huge, watch this space.

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