Top 5 Companies Online To Buy Halloween and Fancy Dress Costumes

Most Halloween costumes these days are bought online. Here on our site, we have been lucky enough to work alongside most of these companies and see firsthand the quality of service they provide for their customers especially with the great feedback we get because of our research

We decided to compile a list of the 5 companies we love and that are at the top of their game, delivering worldwide. As you will see, with most of these companies, they are based in the USA. You will also see that the vast choice of costumes, Halloween décor and accessories are mind-blowing. All deliver next day, and all deliver worldwide, which is why buying costumes online from these companies has never been easier and as popular. Check out each company, find anything to do with costumes not just for Halloween but for any time of the year, for adults, kids, pets, they have everything. Enjoy!

No 1. Halloween Express

By far our favourite company and one we love to work with, simply due to customer satisfaction, the quality of the merchandise, the vast choice you have and their customer service and interaction is outstanding. has been in this business since 1990 and is considered the number1 online costumes store.

They also have the largest choice of costumes (over 10000), accessories and decor available and the shipping is next to none. A 100% money back guarantee, and also, be sure to sign up to the email as they constantly have massive sales and clearances on a regular basis. Go check them out, they may even have a sale right now.

==> Visit Halloween Express Here <==

No 2. Costume Craze

Another fine company that will deliver, by air, within hours. We love on the Costume Craze site the chat bar on the side where you can talk directly to customer service anytime of the day or night with any inquiry you have, great service. Costume Craze started in 2001 where founder Matthew Maloney began selling monk robes online.

This company has won many awards for their service and we love the costumes they have available to buy. The dog costumes are amazing and the ‘clearance’ section is outstanding.

No 3.

We absolutely love this company and consider them the most fun to work with and the website is a lot of fun to navigate, full of life and zany looks. Spirit Halloween opened their first store in 1983 and have opened a tone more stores throughout the USA and Canada. Spirits merchandise is impressive and vast, and a large portion of their goods are only exclusive to their company making any costumes, accessories and décor unique and only sold by them.

Spirit also launched the Spirit of Children program in New Jersey to benefit Child Life Departments within children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centers in a few local hospitals with a goal to raise $5MM in merchandise and cash donations which we find pretty amazing.

No 4. Costume Kingdom

Another giant in the costume world with a fantastic choice of costumes, accessories, décor and more. They also have special effects, makeup, jewelry, props and garments that are necessary to complete the Halloween look. I purchased my Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Tuxedo costume from here which I love and cherish, quality and hilarious looking.

Costume Kingdom have a huge theme selection you will be spoiled for choice here. They also have a free shipping service with every over $50 spent which is fantastic.

==> Visit Costume Kingdom Here <==

No 5.

Another massive quality company, has been online since 2002 and is growing in popularity. We love that they have instant costumer service chat, also, if you place your order early in the day you can have same day delivery which is outstanding.

They have an excellent group and couples costume selection, plus, you can have a mask of your own face made up on the spot, class. They deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide and have a great costumer service reputation.

==> Visit <==

Buy Your Costumes Early

So here we have given you 5 of the best companies to buy your costumes online. All companies have an excellent customer service, money back guarantee, and will deliver fast worldwide. It is always wise to buy your goods early, but still never too late as they deliver pretty quickly, so be sure to visit each site and enjoy the vast amount of Halloween goodies available, and remember to always revisit these sites or sign up to their email for the sales and clearances to come.




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