Top 10 Craziest Funniest Outrageous Harlem Shake Videos From Around The Globe

Cherrio Gangnam Style and hello Harlem Shake, though to be honest, with the power and speed on the Internet fads these days, Harlem Shakes are near enough out of fashion already and we have seen yes anti-Harlem Shake videos etc. but that’s just the way it goes, got to ride the Internet wave.

But, anyway, before the Harlem Shake is as dead as Dramatic Chipmunk there are thousands upon thousands of videos been posted and does not yet seem to be slowing down so instead of trying to come up with the actual top 10 which is quite impossible we here at our Halloween site are taking a break from costumes and horror to share the 10 videos which have made us laugh hysterically, so grab a cup of tea or coffee even a shot of whiskey and enjoy these videos, hopefully there are some you have not seen. Leave us some feedback with either your love or hate for this fad and even a a link to a new video we have not seen.


Ok, just look at the size of this, it is not a funny as most but wow, what a crowd, impressive.


No. 9 Harlem Shake (Skydive Edition)

Yep, you’ve guessed it, we even have a crazy skydive version (I’m waiting for the out to space video) but fair play, this one is pretty cool and different, great thing about all these videos is they are just 30 seconds long, perfect length of time.


No. 8 Harlem Shake (Barack Obama Edition)

I love this one, it’s the guy who is paddling his boat across the screen that brought tears of laughter to my eyes, hilarious and pretty damn good dancing too.


No. 7 Harlem Shake – Dublin Bus (original video)

This video kills me, very simple, but on top of a moving bus in Dublin, Ireland, hilarious stuff, weird in a way, but 10 lads and a guy in a scream mask going nuts is just too funny.


No. 6 Harlem Shake Norwegian Army Edition

Ok, this is one of our favourite, this is pretty hilarious and well thought out. All the way from Norway, in the snow, and army lads, well done, all, at 22 seconds, look out for the guy that falls out the window, great stuff.


No. 5 Harlem Shake – Soccer AM

Soccer AM is one of the most popular sports fun programmes on TV and I am a huge fan and when I was watching this live I was not expecting them to do this, lots going on in the usual Soccer AM lunatic humour.


No. 4 UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake under water any body. Love this one, different, and well organised, so many crazy videos popping up but some of these guys made me laugh out loud.


No. 3 HARLEM SHAKE (Ksla News Edition)

The reason why I love this is because of the embarrassment felt by these professional newsreaders, but, this crazy fad is not to be taking seriously and fair play to them for doing this, check it out, feel their pain.


No 2. The Harlem Shake v6 [JKG Edition]

Ok, this is bonkers Asian style, love this and could not stop laughing at this one. Machine guns going off, boxes on heads, dancing cows, hilarious stuff.


N0.1 Best Harlem Shake EVER

So, we are probably sick and tired of looking at people dancing stupidly by now, so let’s instead look at a washing machine for the final video going crazy to the Harlem Shake, yep, I must be insane finding a washing machine but this did make me laugh.


Soon To Die Out

Yes, I give it another week or two before people are sick, if not already, sick of the Harlem Shake but for now, just enjoy the stupidity, the wackiness and fun people are having, isn’t that what life is all about. Leave a comment below with your thoughts, though I know a lot of people hate this, but, what can you do but just ignore it. Below here is the actual video, the original that started this whole madness.



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