Tim Burton’s Edward Scissiorhands Unique Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

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Tim Burton's Edward Scissiorhands Unique Halloween Costumes for Men and WomenFor all of Tim Burton’s amazing movies he has made over the years, personally Edward Scissiorhands is one of my favorite and certainly one of the best movies to come out of the nineties. Edward, the main character, is a striking looking creature, an unforgettable creation of Burton’s mind, and because of Edward’s movie look, makes for a pure stunning unique Halloween costume and we love him here at Halloween All Year Round.

Halloween is just around the corner but it is not to late to find that killer looking costume to make you stand out from the crowd. Edward Scissorhands was a character in a movie of the same name in 1990 and he was played by Johnny Depp. This movie was magical, a movie for all ages and must be seen.

In short, basically the story is about Edward, who is an unfinished artificial man with scissors for hands and was created by an inventor. In the story he falls in love with a girl Kim ( Winona Ryder) and ends up killing her boyfriend and has to leave the town. It is in typical Burton style, a sad romantic dark beautiful tale, and stunning in sequence.

Tim Burton's Edward Scissiorhands Unique Halloween Costumes for Men and WomenBecause of Edwards striking look, there are fantastic Edward Halloween costumes and accessories available to buy online, and this costume is a sure party piece, a fantastic looking costume.

Bracing all in black, it conceives of a black jacket, black belt straps and faux buckle, a black wig and gloves with scissors for hands, great stuff. Placing white or light gray face paint on will make this costume look a Halloween winner, looking scary yet instantly recognizable.

Click on the photos of each costume to get more details.

Also, there is a Stunning and very popular Miss Scissorhands costume for ladies which is a huge seller and gorgeous creepy costume.

This Halloween costume fits most adults and is also not just for men and can or should be worn by women too. If you are a big Tim Burton Fan then this costume is for you.

There are no other costumes like Edward Scissorhands, and no other movie (please for the love, heart and soul of movies,no remake) and like the movie, your costume can become an instant classic and hit, one to be adored and afraid of this Halloween.

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