The Lone Ranger Sexy Halloween Costumes For Ladies

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The Lone Ranger Sexy Halloween Costumes For LadiesThe Lone Ranger and his trusty friend Tonto made a valiant return to the big screen in 2013 to take on bad guys and save the day as they always did.

This cowboy is one of the most popular to ever brace the screens of our television; even though the show is nearly 50 years old, and with this show been so popular, some amazing Halloween costumes have been produced, and though the male Halloween costume is the most superior of all cowboy costumes, The Lone Ranger ladies costume is so stunning you would not even need a gun to make the bad guys drop to the ground.

Associating a cowboy costume with just men is completely wrong, as there are some amazing cowboy, should I say, Cowgirl costumes for ladies available for the Halloween but none are as exciting or excellent looking as This brave Rangers costume.

This costume can be for any fancy dress party and not just Halloween. The Ranger dress is a gorgeous bold blue with a lace up detail and comes with matching blue cuffs. A sexy red scarf accompanies the dress as does a gun holster and belt.

The Lone Ranger Sexy Halloween Costumes For LadiesThis costume would not be complete with out the iconic Rangers cowboy hat and throw in there, the famous black eye mask worn by our valiant hero and you have your self a very sexy, stunning costume that would turn heads at any party and get tongues waggling.

With this costume, you could even partner up with a mans Lone Ranger costume for some friends or couples Halloween party fun, or there is even a gorgeous ladies Tonto costume, perfect for friends wanting to match up for a themed night of crazy laughs.

But on it’s own, this ladies cowgirl Ranger Halloween costume is absolutely gorgeous and truly unique. The new Disney movie came out in 2013 ( Johnny Depp as Tonto and Arnie Hammer the Ranger) and this costume look is sure to take off and become very popular, so until then, you now have the opportunity to beat the crowds and stand out as a powerful yet gorgeous cowgirl this Halloween, but not just any ordinary Cowgirl, but the one and only Lone Ranger.



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