Tasty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds And The Health Benefits

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin SeedsI like to use the whole body of a pumpkin in cooking, but here in Ireland it is mostly only around Halloween that we get a chance to use them. Most people in Ireland are not to familiar with pumpkins and would mostly carve them with faces, pull out and dispose of the seeds and then eventually throw the pumpkin in the rubbish to my shock horror.

Little do they know, that the pumpkin can be used for many delicious dishes from soups, to side dishes, to pies and desserts and my favourite part of the pumpkin is the seeds inside, roasted, they are extremely tasty, nutritious and flavorful seeds, but also have great health benefits.

Pumpkin Seed Health Benefits

High in magnesium, iron and zinc, they Lower cholesterol due to containing phytosterols, protect the prostate, are natural Anti-Inflammatory and can help prevent kidney stones while improving your bladder function, not bad for such little seeds that most people dispose off.

How To Use Your Pumpkin Seeds?

Apart from every health food store selling them all year round, it is much better to get them in Autumn straight from the pumpkins you bring in to your home.

First, remove all the seeds from the pumpkin, remove all the excess pulp, wipe all the seeds with a paper towel and then leave them to dry over night.

For Cooking

There are many ways to enjoy these seeds. You can simply roast them, say 170`F for around 20 minutes, tossing them regularly, the slow cooking will keep all the nutritional goodness.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds When roasted they can be..

–  eating like a snack, like popcorn only tastier.

–  added to your cereal, to your oats or granola

–  added to your veg dishes

–  they are extremely delicious in salads (I love them with goats cheese and beetroot)

–  you can grind them down to make an oil, a dressing, or as I do, add to protein shakes or smoothies.

–  my favourite way is to place them in a bowl before roasting, add a little olive oil, then some salt and pepper, aswell as either Cajun spice, paprika, cumin, curry powder, smoked paprika, Mexican spice, the choice is yours, but either way, slow roast them with your choice of spice for the ultimate delicious taste.

So, there you go, reasons to start using your pumpkin seeds and to start enjoying their extraordinary taste. If you use these seed, how do you use them?


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