Superhero Movies, The Flash and the Release Date for the Movie

Superhero Movies, The Flash and the Release Date for the MovieThe date for The Flash Movie is still yet unknown with some saying next year yet I have seen 2015 been mentioned, who knows, but I can not wait as the Flash is such a cool Superhero and one of my favourite.

Apparently Warner Brothers went back to the drawing board after The Green Lanterns performance in the box office, which they should because it simply sucked big time.

According to ‘Wrath of the Titans’ screenwriter, Dan Mazeau , he mentioned in an interview “it is to of the priority list with Warner Brothers”, so that is some great news.

I have searched and searched YouTube but their is no official trailer yet, boo.

But to get you in the mood you can check out (and below) the Flash TV Series that ran in 1990 starring John Wesley Shipp as The Flash focusing on the Bart Allen Flash.

The shows title theme was produced by the great composer Danny Elfman who has produced most of the music for Tim Burton’s Movies. the Flash Costume for this programme was designed the Stan Winston Studios and was based on the Barry Allen costume from the comics.

All in all not a bad series and can easily get you in the mood for the greatness of The Flash.

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