Sinestro Green Lantern Child Fancy Dress CostumeThis Sinestro Muscle Child Costume is yet again another fine choice of costume for a child at Halloween or all year round as the fantastic choice of these superhero costumes just gets better and better.

Since the release of the fantastic Green Lantern movie this years the surge to buy these costumes has exploded and the choice available is outstanding.

The Green Lantern is a comic book hero from the famous DC Comics and as he is part of the Green Lantern Corps he is surrounded by other Green Lanterns such as the hero we have here Sinestro.

These other Green Lanterns give us as adults and also for our children a great choice of unique Halloween costumes.

This Green Lantern – Sinestro Muscle Child Costume. Includes a cool muscle-bound jumpsuit, a character mask, and a ring. Available in Child Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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These costumes are still as popular as ever and are pretty darn cool. There are so many different styles of green lanterns for children, boys or girls as well as adults that you really are spoiled for choice and it makes it a little easier for your child to find the perfect costume.

Be sure to check out all the costumes available for these heroes as the costume companies, yearly keep bringing out more and more amazing designs that just have to be seen.