Shrek Fancy Dress Halloween Costumes For AdultsThis Shrek Adult Costume is still as popular as it was last year for Halloween simply because it looks great and is reasonably cheap and also of course, it is Shrek.

It was 11 years ago in 2001 that the first Shrek Movie hit our screens and introduced us to some amazing lovable characters and started a great franchise of movies.

These movies starred Mike Myres as Shrek, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona and Eddie Murphy as the hilarious Donkey as well as other famous actors.

Shrek has become a classic, a much loved movie and has brought us some amazing costumes for Adults and for children.

This costume includes green Shrek face mask, white shirt with attached vest, plaid pants, and waist sash and is available in Adult Plus Size (44-50). A perfect Halloween fun costume to wear.

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It is crazy still how popular these movies are and how popular the costumes are as they constantly sell year in year out and costume companies keep producing quality costumes due to demand.

You can also get this costume for a child, as well as Donkey, Gingy and Princess Fiona for adults too which are all well worth checking out,. Be sure to check for sizes, availability and delivery.