Shrek Donkey Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For AdultsThese Donkey Deluxe Adult Costumes are a popular choice amongst adults at Halloween for the simple reason they are so much fun to wear and looking hilariously funny.

In the excellent Shrek Movies, there are many lovable characters but one of the most loved and favorite is Donkey.

Donkey is Shreks best friend and in the movies he is voiced by Eddie Murphy.

With these amazing costumes you can get a different choice of styles and designs and can also get them for children too (View here).

This costume includes: A grey jumpsuit with attached hooves on the hands and feet, attached tail and a vinyl, intricately detailed, 3/4 character mask.

These costumes are pure Halloween crazy costume material and a whole lot of fun to wear.

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Though you would think the Shrek would be the most popular purchased character costume from the hit movies amongst adults and children it is actually Donkey that gets the most hits and purchases.

A lot of this is down to how funny Donkey is as well as been unique or something different at a fancy dress party.

These costumes are pure class and come in most sizes. And though the Shrek movies are a few years old now, do not under estimate the popularity of the Shrek movie costumes as each year they sell out pretty fast.