Scary Predator Halloween Costumes For Men Women and ChildrenThis Predator Adult Costume is just too cool.

Everyone is familiar with the classic Predator movie of 1987, yes, 1987 and this movie has a phenomenal cult following and this is not only down to the biggest action hero of the 80’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also down to the real star of the movie, The Predator Alien.

At Halloween, these costumes rule period and are very popular but hard enough to find a decent one in the shop.

Lucky enough it is easier than ever now to order online and get these costumes delivered straight to your door.

There are a range of different Predator style costumes to choose from that fit both Men and Women which is great, the only problem I see is they are not made yet for children.

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But, this is easily fixed. These costumes can be tailored and altered for a kids size and you can get masks, hands and weapons for kids you it is very possible to create your own child’s Predator costume, just check out the Accessories Page.

The predator costume is a pure crazy Halloween costume and one that can last for years.

The costume includes black and white jumpsuit, EVA chest piece, shoulder guards, arm guards, and leg guards. Belt with attached thigh guards, black necklace, a pair of character hands and Predator half mask are also included to complete this Deluxe Predator Costume.

To me, this is the ultimate creepy scary Halloween costume and is sure to turn heads at any fancy dress party hence why it is a popular purchase at Halloween. We have other amazing designs here on our site especially my favourite and all you have to do is check availability and sizes.