Kids Stunning Marvin the Martian Child Fancy Dress CostumeJust how gorgeous and cute is this Marvin the Martian Girl Child Costume.

It is becoming one of the best costume sellers coming to Christmas already, and that is even before the Marvin the Martian movie is released next year.

The simple reason for this is, it is a quality cool and stunning costume, destined to be a big seller next Halloween or for any fancy dress party all year round.

Marvin the Martian, one of the funniest and cult followed Looney Tune characters ever, is making a return to our screens next year with a new movie and his crazy nerdy and cool voice will be voiced by Mike Myers.

Because of this, tons of Marvin costumes are sure to be created, but as you can already see form our site, there are already amazing costumes available for Kids and Adults for the brilliant Marvin.

This costume includes dress with a sparkly green skirt, Roman headpiece headband and long, red fingerless gloves.

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Available in Child Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. Be sure to add the cool Marvin Laser Gun to the costume to add and make it truly unique. These will be huge next Halloween, watch this space.

From our site, Marvin the Martian costumes are already selling pretty well and that is before the release of the new cartoon movie, which I am quite excited about. These costumes are available for Adults, children and pets and each looks as crazy as the next and are well worth checking out.