How To Make A Homemade Tree Fancy Dress Costume

How to make a Tree costume for halloween

Tree Fancy Dress CostumeMake a Tree costume, why the hell would I do that? hahah, well, I have created a Tree costume back in 2006 I think, not to sure, a while back, for a joint 30th birthday party of two good friends that was to a be a fancy dress party.

Now as you will notice if you browse this site, I love costumes, all of them, plus, I love to create and sweat over my own and as always, try to keep it as cheap as possible and challenging,basically to give me something to do.

This Tree costume was pretty cheap to make, not as cheap as my San Fransisco Zombie Sailor but a little more expensive that my AWESOM-O costume due to a couple of accessories I added to it to get the most fun out of it.

Why a Tree? Seriously, I do not know nor remember, but I do know I love working with free cardboard so that would have been a factor in my decision amongst other things I am sure, but all I know is, it was different, unique, never before done like this, and at the party that night, was the talk upon lips and turned heads every where.

How I Made It?

Homemade Tree Fancy Dress Costume halloweenBasically I brought home some cardboard from work. Cut it up. Made a body and head piece, which was huge and also pieces for the legs. Painted the cardboard brown (which turned a slight grey) painted my face brown.

Using tape I created the body and head piece, gathered some bushes, twigs and branches of some local trees and added them to the costume.

From the Euro store I purchased a laughing monkey, and from the pet store a bird feeder, attached the feeder to the head piece and the monkey on to my arm.

That was basically it, took around 2 hours but was one of the most fun costumes I have ever created and worn and got a lot of attention and laughs, though it was a monster to wear, I couldn’t ever fit in the taxi, and was also quite hard to drink from at the party due to the positioning of my arms, but other than that, a brilliant homemade costume.

You just can’t beat making something crazy, outrageous and unique and it is something I love to do. If you have any homemade costume photos and ides you would like to share, leave a comment or contact us here to be featured on our site, enjoy!



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