Homemade Zombie Sailor Halloween Fancy Dress Costume

sailor fancy dress costumes

Zombie Fancy Dress CostumeYes, that is a mouth full,  a Homemade Zombie Sailor Fancy Dress Costume created by myself back in 2009 I think and let me fill you in why and what the hell was I thinking doing this. Like my Tree costume and also my AWESOM-O costume as you may know, I love to create my own costumes (and at times buying ones I just can not resist) and when I decide to create a costume for a fancy dress the whole idea is to keep it cheap and challenging.

Now, I will put my hand up here and say this costume was very cheap, actually, probably my cheapest I have ever created but also probably the least effort, but still a lot of fun.

Zombie Fancy Dress CostumeThis costume was created in San Francisco in 2009. Along Haight Street there are a lot of second hand stores and they are packed with very cheap clothes and at Halloween full of unusual clothing and costumes, so all you have to do is browse and choose.

Now, we hadn’t much time, on the day actually with a night of fancy dress and partying ahead of us, so while browsing I came along a sailor suit, I have never worn a sailor suit before so why not .

I purchased the top, a sailor hat and pants, simple, and around 10 dollars for the lot, brilliant. I bought some pale face paint and some fake blood.

I then, with a lighter, burned off half of one arm, burned in a few holes making it look like bullet holes, burned a big hole in the back making it look like a bullet exploded out the back, then added some blood to all the holes.

Sailor Halloween Fancy Dress CostumeThen painted the face white, added more blood and that was it, why? haha I don’t know but it worked and along with my girlfriend as a maid, we had a great night and hung around with many crazy costumes that you would expect to on the great night that is Halloween.

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