Homemade AWESOM-O Fancy Dress Costume From South Park

AWESOM-O From South Park

AWESOM-O Fancy Dress Costume Every year I get dressed up for Halloween and as a big kid, look forward to it all year round. I have had many Costumes, many crazy characters and designs, but last year in 2011 I created my most fun and probably my best and favourite costume ever, and that was AWESOM-O from South Park.

I’m a huge South Park fanatic and have been for many years and in all the hundreds of brilliant episodes, the AWESOM-O episode is probably in my top 5, but the character Cartman creates is probably my favourite and one of the funniest, if you haven’t seen it, watch it, hilarious.

So I decided to create AWESOM-O. Every year that I create a costume, the whole Idea is to keAWESOM-O From South Parkep it as cheap but challenging as possible, like my very cheap zombie sailor costume, and using cardboard boxes is always cheap and I seem to create a lot of costumes from cardboard like one year I made a Tree costume which was hilarious too.

With this costume, I tried to copy every detail to cartmans, which is a typical deranged little boys creation, made to trick poor oul Butters.

What I used?

This took near 5 hours to create. Using one large box for the body and a smaller box for the head. For the head I used a black marker, some coloured sticky tapes, a flashing red light for the top, homemade little boxes for the side with a broken Ariel.

On the body, coloured sticky tapes, two batteries, taped on, a can opener, a small remote control purchased in the Euro shop, and on the arms, I went to woodies and purchased this cheap plastic piping and a pair of yellow gloves (which were way to small) and that was it.

AWESOM-O From South ParkI made one major mistake. On the inside of the head, I super glued pieces of cardboard ton the inside so I could turn the head which worked brilliantly, but I forgot about the glue. Later, while at a fancy dress party in a bar, aswell as pints of cider, the glue heated up big time and started making me feel, let’s just say, mixed up haha.

All in all this was a brilliant costume to make and a lot of fun. If you want more details on how I created this, contact me or leave a comment and I’ll pass on the details.

And don’t forget, if you have any pictures of homemade costumes please do send and we will feature it on this site.





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