Green Lantern Infant and Toddler Hal Jordan Halloween CostumesThis Green Lantern – Hal Jordan Toddler Costume is such a gorgeous cute costume available for a child for the coming Halloween and all year round.

This year, The Green Lantern movie took the world by storm and was an instant hit amongst children, as all Superhero movies are.

Because of this the search for costumes for children as well as adults online has been huge and some fantastic costumes created.

The Green Lantern was a famous DC Comic decades ago and spawned many comics and cartoons. In 2011, Ryan Reynolds starred as our great hero in the Green Lantern Movie playing the Hal Jordan character.

His superhero costume has become the most sought out costume for boys as well as girls this year especially for Halloween, and as you can see there are some amazing costumes available.

This Green Lantern – Hal Jordan Toddler Costume includes green and black character jumpsuit and eye mask and is available in One Size: Toddler.

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These costumes are still surprisingly selling like hot cakes and are available for all shapes and sizes, babies, children boys or girls, adults, men or women and are absolutely classic looking superhero costumes, pure class.