Goldilocks Fancy Dress Costume For ChildrenThis Goldilocks Costume is very very cute indeed and a popular choice through parents whether it is Easter, Halloween, any time of the year really.

The famous story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a favorite child’s bedtime story, loved by children even adults and a Childrens story told worldwide.

Using the characters from that story, you can have a fun filled Halloween especially if you have other children which you could dress up in these bear costumes.

These costumes also come in different styles and designs for older children and Teen, as well as adults.

This adorable Goldilocks costume includes a blue floral dress with an attached apron, ruffled pantaloons, a pair of hair bows with ribbon curlicue accents and three plush bears tucked neatly inside her apron pockets and is available in Toddler/Child Sizes: Toddler, Small.

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This costume is pretty darn cute with the three little bears on the front, and I am sure every parents dream to see their child as cute and adorable is a costume such as this.