GI Joe Snake Eyes Child Fancy Dress Halloween CostumeLove this GI Joe Snake Eyes Costume, it is such a cool costume it really makes me want to be a young boy again with the thoughts and excitement of wearing something like this for Halloween and running around with my friend.

Ninja costumes are great for children, boys or girls because they are so much fun to wear with all the great accessories and fantastic masks.

There are so many famous Ninjas to choose a costume from but one of the most famous and best looking is Snake Eyes from the brilliant cartoon GI Joe.

In 2010, the movie “Rise of the Cobra” was released and was a hit amongst children and because of this some really cool costumes have been produced for Halloween.

You could theme up with another child dressed as the arch enemy Storm Shadow for some serious fun.

This costume features a black jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached arm guards and leg holsters, as well as a matching fabric hood with visor. Available in Child Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (7-8), Large (10-12).

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Seriously, how cool is this costume, it makes me shiver and cry out with wishful thinking to be a child again with want to run around in a costume like this with friends.

Probably one of my favourite costumes (I know I have many) but as you can see by the look of it, why it is such a popular purchase and as with the release of new GI Joe movies, to become more popular once again, so be sure if you plan to purchase a costume like this that you buy early.