Fun and Unique Marvin The Martian Adult Fancy Dress CostumeThis Marvin Adult Costume is a cool looking mean Looney Tune machine of a costume and sure to be a huge hit online next year at Halloween and even this Christmas.

Adults are always looking for something new and fresh, something different and unique and this Marvin costume certainty fits that description, pure magic.

Next year, as in 2012/13, a new Marvin the Martian movie is to be released and this is great news for adults who would have mostly growing up with the original classic Looney Tunes cartoons and especially the episodes featuring the funny and brilliantly evil Marvin.

Marvin the Martian is one of my favorite characters of all time, very very funny with that crazy nerdy voice and his constant fascination with trying to destroy the Earth and his battles with Bugs Bunny.

This costume includes: A red jumpsuit with an attached Trojan style skirt, helmet style headpiece, character mask and a pair of gloves.

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Available in Adult Standard Size: One-Size Fits Most. Adding the Marvin Ray Gun will complete this brilliant costume whether you buy it for Halloween or Christmas and will be a pure stand out costume at any fancy dress party.

Out of all the Looney Tune characters, Marvin is by far my favourite. Now a new movie is been created and I hope it is as good as the original and not a flop like the latest cartoon, Top Cat (what happened to his voice?) but I have high hopes.

With this movie, as you can see, costumes are popping up from every company. You can also get this costume for children as well as ladies so you will definitely see this costume around this Halloween. Be sure to check availability as we expect these to sell like hot cakes.