Famous Mascots and Their Costumes from Around the World Part 2

Famous Mascots from Around the World Part 1

Famous Mascots and Their Costumes from Around the World Part 2Continuing on from the Famous Mascots Article part 1 we will talk about mascots drawn from TV and movies. If you think about a lot of TV and movie characters, cartoon characters, book characters etc. you can get a picture of the amount of characters that are mascots and have potential to be excellent Mascot Costumes.

Lets take one of the most famous cartoon families of all time, The Simpsons. There are a ton of very recognizable characters in the Simpsons from Homer, Marge and Bart etc. As well as Moe and so on, tons of great characters that make brilliant mascot costumes.

Famous Mascots and Their Costumes from Around the World Part 2Just think of the Boomerang TV channel and all the cartoons it gives us such as Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, and all the fantastic Looney Toons and you can imagine the amount of mascots available. The list in endless and there have been plenty of these characters used in sports or in parades around the world.

A very famous mascot in Movies and one we all recognize is Leo The Lion, the very famous Lion with his huge roar for MGM, you know, that lion that roars at the start of the movies along to the music. It’s quite interesting the the first lion used in 1916 was named slats and was from Dublin Zoo in Ireland and his skin can be seen in the McPherson Museum in McPherson,Kansas.

Think about Walt Disney, now there is a company with many many mascots such as there most famous Mickey Mouse and so on, the list is once again endless. Every studio has its own mascot, it is really the brand statement.

There is a famous mascot I really like and that is Luxo Jr., you know, the lamp from Pixar who came from a short movie in 1986 (see movie below). Something I just love about that hopping lamp.

There are just so many mascots and I love the whole idea of them, If you are a fan too, then I suggest further reading at wiki and go here to see The List Of Famous Mascots. If you have any favorite mascots, leave a comment below I would love to hear about them plus check out my favourite selection of Mascot costumes you can buy cheaply on the net. Enjoy!




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