Child Green Lantern Kilowog Muscle Fancy Dress CostumeThis Green Lantern Kilowog Child Costume is just one of the different styles and designs of Green Lantern costumes available for children at Halloween and all year round.

These costumes, superhero costumes, have been a big hit so far and predicted to be the biggest sellers of the year. They are made for both boys and girls aswell as adults (view here) and are of the highest quality.

The Green Lantern is a popular comic book and now a hug movie. Kilowog is part of the Green lantern Corpse and an friend of Hal Jordan.

This Green Lantern – Kilowog Muscle Child Costume Includes a cool muscle-bound jumpsuit, a character mask, and a ring and is available in Child Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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These costumes are perfect Halloween fun and exciting child costumes, sure to be a huge hit.

Because of the movie and possible follow up, these costumes are still selling in the hundreds and one of the most searched online and off. The Green Lantern is so popular so it is exciting to get a different looking costume like this one here to have any child very excited to prepare for any fancy dress party they may be attending.