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5 Important Steps To Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

5 Important Steps To Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Do you wonder where to get started? Looking for great party ideas? This short article will help you with some ideas and suggestions on how to create the most memorable Halloween party.

Step 1 – Style and Theme

5 Important Steps To Planning The Perfect Halloween PartyThis doesn’t necessarily mean asking guests to arrive in costume and making sure that all the food is a certain shade of blue! However some thought to the style and theme of your party will help you to plan the elements so that the party ideas have a distinct feel to them, one that your guests will remember.

How To Make A Homemade Tree Fancy Dress Costume

How to make a Tree costume for halloween

Tree Fancy Dress CostumeMake a Tree costume, why the hell would I do that? hahah, well, I have created a Tree costume back in 2006 I think, not to sure, a while back, for a joint 30th birthday party of two good friends that was to a be a fancy dress party.

Now as you will notice if you browse this site, I love costumes, all of them, plus, I love to create and sweat over my own and as always, try to keep it as cheap as possible and challenging,basically to give me something to do.

Homemade AWESOM-O Fancy Dress Costume From South Park

AWESOM-O From South Park

AWESOM-O Fancy Dress Costume Every year I get dressed up for Halloween and as a big kid, look forward to it all year round. I have had many Costumes, many crazy characters and designs, but last year in 2011 I created my most fun and probably my best and favourite costume ever, and that was AWESOM-O from South Park.

I’m a huge South Park fanatic and have been for many years and in all the hundreds of brilliant episodes, the AWESOM-O episode is probably in my top 5, but the character Cartman creates is probably my favourite and one of the funniest, if you haven’t seen it, watch it, hilarious.

Homemade Zombie Sailor Halloween Fancy Dress Costume

sailor fancy dress costumes

Zombie Fancy Dress CostumeYes, that is a mouth full,  a Homemade Zombie Sailor Fancy Dress Costume created by myself back in 2009 I think and let me fill you in why and what the hell was I thinking doing this. Like my Tree costume and also my AWESOM-O costume as you may know, I love to create my own costumes (and at times buying ones I just can not resist) and when I decide to create a costume for a fancy dress the whole idea is to keep it cheap and challenging.