Beat The Flu With A Roast Pumpkin Seed and Almond Smoothie

Roast Pumpkin Seed and Almond Smoothie

Beat The Flu With A Roast Pumpkin Seed and Almond SmoothieCome Halloween, with most of your activity been outside, whether you are trick or treating or walking to a fancy dress party, it is important in certain parts of the world to keep warm and protect yourself and children from colds and flu, and eating properly is another way of protection, and here we have a delicious Roast Pumpkin and Almond Shake/smoothie.

Almonds are low is saturated fats, full of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and have a favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels . While Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, iron and zinc, they Lower cholesterol due to containing phytosterols and combined with the fruit are an unbeatable force for your body.

Flu Destroyer

–  100 ml Almond milk

–  100g Roasted Pumpkin seeds, grind to a powder.

–  Handful of ground Almond

–  1/2 a peeled mango

–  1/4 peeled and chopped pineapple

–  1/4 peeled and chopped cantaloupe melon

–  Teaspoon of nutmeg

–  Some ice

–  Simply blend it all up.

Great infection fighting shake. Perfect for winter, but all year round too. Plenty of Vitamin C and beta-carotene, and the almond supply the defense  fortifying Zinc.

As we discussed in our last post on roasting pumpkin seeds, they are delicious, grinding the seeds to a powder adds a delicious smokey flavour to the smoothie that will have you and your children, hoping with energy and great health, enjoy.

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