Amazing Scary Creature Of The Black Lagoon Fancy Dress Costume This Halloween, one of the best and most amazing costumes has been created, and this is the Creature from the Black Lagoon Costume .

In 2013, The Creature from the Black Lagoon movie is to be remade.

Not many will remember the original classic 1954 movie, one of the first 3D movies to be made.

It was a huge box office hit so now a remake is been made and personally I am not much of a fan of remakes so will have to see what director Breck Eisner will do with it, hopefully not destroy it with to much CGI.

Because of this remake you can guarantee an out come of monster Halloween costumes. But for now there only seems to be one costume but it really is an excellent costume brought to by

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I have to put my hand up and say, wow!, this is quite the amazing costume and make me wish I was a child again. If you are looking for a unique monster costume for a child you will not get a better looking costume than this one.

As soon as the movie is released I expect this costume to be available for adults, but for now unfortunately it is just for children, lucky them.