Halloween Halloween Halloween!

If you are crazy about fancy dress as we are you probably live by the philosophy that ‘Halloween can be all year round’ as we do simply because somewhere all the time, somebody is dressing up or looking for a costume to wear.

This website was created to provide fun and helpful information on costumes available online in conjunction with the best retailers around such as Buy Costumes, Costume Craze, Spirit Costumes, Celebrate Express, Century Novelty, Costume Kingdom and Costume Discounters, all the best costume and accessory retailers on the planet.

We will hunt down the best costumes, find the best deals, be constantly updated and informed by each company of the latest deals and clearances and deliver them to you via our wonderful site, constantly doing the research for you and keeping up-to-date with latest trends.

In addition, we will have Halloween and other related news, articles, guest bloggers (get in touch here if interested) recipes, videos and much much more, all here on one site to be enjoyed.

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We want this site to be fun to read also for the visitor. We have included many videos and great content to enjoy so please feel free and be sure to leave a comment as we love discussions, especially if you find any mistakes or something you think could help improve the site, any comment really would be much appreciated.