A List Of Sexy Halloween Costumes Women Going Crazy For


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This year again there are thousands of amazing sexy costumes available for women and it is very possible to find cheap costumes that are not tacky, full of class and character and ready to be delivered right to your door. Because there is such a vast collection online, here I have put together an excellent selection of quality cheap costumes in many different styles, themes and designs that will hopefully give you an idea of the amazing sexy costumes you can easily get these days online. Just move on down the page and find a site that catches your eyes, click through and enjoy!

Enchanting Fairy

Sexy Fairy Halloween and Fancy dress costumesA strange choice you may think when you think about a Fairy, but this is one of the most unique costumes you will come across, a Fairy that is elegant with a touch of ravishing magic. This costume is Irish Themed and is quite a stunning costume with a corset and petal skirt along with rhinestone studded Fairy wings. This for me is one of my favorite and it is a perfect Fairy costume for anyone really wanting to stand out and be the talk of any fancy dress party.

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Alice in Wonderland

Sexy Alice in Wonderland fancy dress CostumesAlice is probably one of the most popular sexy costume choices been purchased online today simply because there are a ton of different designs and styles and also the fact that some are outrageously stunning, seductive, cute, gorgeous and very sexy. There is many styles so you are spoiled for choice. And since Tim Burton decided to make a remake of the movie in 2010 the search for The modern Alice costume has been huge and as you will see, it is a classy, seductive and magnetic costume.

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Roman Empress

Sexy Roman Empress Halloween CostumeRoman theme costumes are always and will always be very popular. There are thousands of sexy Roman costumes but most are tacky and very plastic looking. The costume chosen here is just stunning. Full of grace, power and of importance this is truly a very seductive costume in a classy way. Roman Empresses had a lot of power in Rome and often helped their husband conduct battles. With this costume you can look as powerful and seductive and grace any fancy dress party anytime.

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Sexy Cleopatra Halloween fancy dress costumesAlways a very popular choice. Cleopatra has always been a popular historical figure. And as Elizabeth Taylor immortalized her in the 1963 movie, these costumes have become some of the most sought out to purchase online. There is a vast choice to choose from, so many styles and designs you will be spoiled for some amazing choice. Cleopatra symbolizes strength, power, independence with great beauty, seductiveness and style and taking on her character for any fancy dress party will bring you a lot of attention with great fun.

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Sexy Viking Halloween and Fancy Dress costumesThese costumes just scream out exciting and seductive. Viking history has always been popular and when we think of Vikings we think of crazy men with swords, well here we have very sexy crazy women with swords, helmets and attractive beautiful skirts and dresses, these truly are unique and outstanding. The costume that really stands above all is the Viking Princess. It is elegant, powerful and seductive all in one and is a beauty of a costume.

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Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sexy Tim Burton Movie Halloween CostumesTim Burton has made some amazing movies and introduced us to some crazy brilliant characters. One of my favorite is Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and if you are looking for something completely different and unique for a fancy dress party, you can not go wrong with the look of Sally. It is an unusual look alright but has class, sophistication and a pure seductive vibe and will most definitely stand out at any party.

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Lone Ranger and Tonto

Sexy Lone Ranger and Tonto costumesThe Cowboy costume is always associated with men as is the excellent Lone Rangers costume but thankfully there is a very sexy beautiful Lone Ranger costume for women that has become as popular as the famous TV programme. This is a great choice too for couples if your partner fancies been a cowboy too. But on its own, the ladies Lone Ranger Costume stands out and will surly turn heads. There is also a gorgeous Tonto Native American costume and combined together would make for a great girls night out.

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Sexy Panda and Teddy Bear

Sexy Bear Halloween and Fancy Dress Costumes There are few bear costumes around that specifically aim at women and are even a little bit drop dead but thankfully there are some which are just gorgeous. Bears can be cute but deadly and with a sexy black and white Panda costume or a very cute but stunning Teddy Bear costume you will be that talk of any fancy dress party.

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Greek Goddess

Sexy Greek Goddess Halloween costumesGreek mythology has always been a popular theme in the world of costumes and there are many types available. But, as a woman looking for that powerful and seductive costume you can not go wrong with a Greek Goddess, and none other that the gorgeous Athena stands out better than her amazing beautiful look. Been the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge she is stunning, inviting yet frighteningly beautiful and with this costume worn at any party you are sure to be the talk of the party and turn heads where ever you grace your presence.

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Little Bo Peep

Sexy Little Bo Peep Fancy Dress CostumesLittle Bo Peep the famous nursery rhyme has always been a popular story and has brought many costumes for children. And as always, there are a whole lot of stunning Little Bo Peep Costumes for ladies too. These are very daring, very seductive costumes. A lot come with staffs and bonnets and a true fancy dress party head turners.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Halloween CostumesI know what you are thinking, “What, are you joking”. But trust me, if you are looking for an outrageous sexy costume to turn heads and set tongues wagging at a fancy dress party of at Halloween, these will do the job. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been popular and very distinctive and there are are many costumes for men. But, the costumes available for women are dangerously brave, erotic, naughty you could say but absolutely very sexy and gorgeous and a must see. There are four different Turtles, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael so you have a choice of the four plus if you are having a girly night out at a fancy dress party combining and going as sexy Turtles will lead to a night of crazy fun.

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Sexy Medusa Halloween fancy dress costumesProbably my very favorite costume. Medusa is a popular mythical creature and has been used in the 1981 and 2010 Clash Of The Titans movies and because of this some absolutely amazing costumes have been made and have become very popular indeed. There are a lot of designs and styles for her but only a few really stunning ones. The one that stands out for me the most is the Mystic Medusa costume in its all green gorgeous dress and snake head piece it is truly unique. Medusa is a fearsome character yet brings a sensuous and alluring look and this costume is a true Halloween fancy dress party winner that has to be seen.

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Queen Of Hearts

Sexy Queen of Hearts Halloween CostumesPrepare to be blown away. Though Alice is a popular choice, the costumes available for the Queen of Hearts are just amazing. As you scroll down on their site you will reach a lot of fantastic choices of styles and designs for the Queens costumes and they are just amazing. One that really Stands out is the Deluxe Enchanting Queen of Hearts costume, it is just exquisite and stunning and a must see. Going as the fiery crazy yet elegant Queen to any fancy dress party is sure to stop people in their tracks and take notice.

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Princess Fiona

Sexy Princess Fiona Shrek Halloween costumesThe Shrek movies are a very popular franchise and it has brought us a lot of lovable characters and great Halloween Costumes. It is hard to find many sexy costumes for this theme but there are a small few is you dig deep enough. Princess Fiona is a much loved Shrek movie character and there is a very sexy Fiona costume indeed available that would grace any fancy dress party with style, beauty, sensuality and a little provoking. This is also a very fun costume to wear and can be used for couples wishing to partner up and take parties by storm.

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DC Comic Superheroes

DC Comic Superhero sexy Halloween costumes These truly are very sexy Superhero costumes indeed. DC Comics were popular comics in the 40’s and brought us great characters such as The Flash, The Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Woman and most characters from the Justice League Of America comic and has giving us a wide range of amazing sexy costumes for women that just have to be seen. With the release of the Green Lantern Movie you are bound to see very sexy Green Lantern costumes roaming Halloween and fancy dress parties this year.

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